Monday, February 17, 2014


Here are excerpts from Kristen's latest letter - I've been told by some friends who live close that the emphasis goes on the END of the city name, let's make sure we all say it correctly :)

I am actually in Brevard, North Carolina 

It is a freakin sweet town mom! GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?! THERE IS MUSIC HERE! They have a music festival in July. Like 1000s of applications and only 400 picked its a big deal. I live in Transylvania county (ha thought you'd like that one) um and this area is on fire! like literally burning........we had 10 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH YESTERDAY.  They average 35 lessons a week.....that is double what we were doing in Ringgold.  they have 5 with dates, there was a baptism yesterday, they have lots of less actives and there is 13 progressing inv....I have NEVER seen numbers like that is unreal. Brevard is one of those areas leading the mission right now. I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. the cool part is that i am in a branch........YAY! i really wanted to serve in a branch cuz they just focus the missionary work in. 

So my new comp is sis Paxton. we are super similar which is great.....only downside i can see so far is we both have a more dominating personality, but once I get to know people and the area, hopefully that will work to our benefit. 

 She is super cute and ridiculously talented. She is from Bountiful. She is amazing at the piano.....we want to try and find a cello to do duets and I might just start singing so we can do musical numbers cuz President Van likes a lot of musical numbers! She is great though!

So here is this crazy weeks story. We were suppose to transfer Weds, well we get a call Tues morning that I need to pack cuz we have to meet at the church at 2:30....yeah it was 11:30 and we were at an appt and I wasn't packed and I had stuff in the we sped...literally like 20 mph over haha, home and I packed like  crazy....but I did it all in two hours! 

Transfer Meeting
Then me and 2 other sisters rode down with Bishop Hunt (I still call him bishop ha) to Knoxville cuz they were trying to beat the storm. We sat around for a couple hours while they figured out what to do with all us random missionaries then I went with the Pellissippi sisters for the night.  Luckily they were white washing an area and had an empty apt so they put us 5 random sisters in there for the night.

Weds at the mission home for breakfast and literally just sat at the church for 3 hours while we waited for the mgt......I HATE sitting as a missionary, it is the worst. Finally we had the mgt but since the highway was closed to get to NC they stuck me with the Pellissippi sisters for a couple days.
On the road to North Carolina

 Wasnt the best, but at least i wasnt sitting.  They actually have them and the Hardin valley sisters living in a condo so they stuck me and one other sister in there so there were 6 in this condo. it fit us all nicely and we had a partial snow day cuz of all the snow so we sat inside and they weekly planned, etc 

So Friday came and Pres loaded us into the van and drove us down to North Carolina.  I met sis Paxton and we dropped my stuff off and we went out and met loads of people. it was great! like i said the area down here is awesome! they are also known for the waterfalls and white squirrels.....I have seen a couple and they literally are the coolest thing ever.

 Sis Paxton said this was rural, which it is, but Rinngoold was far more rural. We do have a church building though and there are lots of older people down here, but it is so fun!   i've really enjoyed it already and cant wait to get to know more people.

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