Monday, August 5, 2013

No car....90% humidity...2.5 hour find....

I haven't posted anything from Kristen the past couple of weeks, because, to be honest, she's been pretty down and discouraged. This little town is spread out, hot, sticky, and the members haven't been very helpful. To top it off, the car the previous sisters left them - well, they had wrecked it - so this past week it went to the shop, which meant they had to walk to all of their appointments.....

We had a dinner appointment on Thursday. Well the walk to her house was a 2.5 hour walk along hwy 41, so we started our trek.....yes we were probably being stupid, but we both felt we needed to go and no one could give us a ride so we went. Well, we are about 20 mins away from her house and we pass a trailer park and this man throwing away his garbage.  

We passed him and 30 seconds later I hear "miss, miss" I turn around and he is literally chasing us down. He asks if we are Mormon and we said yes and he tells us his wife is Mormon and she needs some we called our dinner appointment --She forgot she was feeding us!! Right then I knew we weren’t walking for our appointment we were walking to run into this man.  

Well he took us to his wife and we started talking. She is less active, partially due to the fact that she has every illness you can think of, but it was HIM asking us serious questions. He has taken the lessons and had a baptism date but doesn't like labels and organized religion. But we answered his questions and the spirit was strong and he told us that there will be more visits and he looked forward to us coming back.....HELLO! I knew there was a reason we didn’t have a car! 

Prayers have never been answered before like they are on a mission....every prayer and every fast answered....its cool.

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