Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ringgold...Ringgold....Ringgold on my mind...

If you are following both of my kid's missions you know that I'm not doing well in keeping up blogs right here are some excerpts of Kristen's last several emails along with pictures. She is doing great in Georgia! For those of you who are familiar with Kristen's writing know that she is usually typing on the fly and her spelling and punctuation go by the wayside - Lol! 

Kristen and Sis. Harper stuck in a park during a downpour
 From October 7

We are focusing  on PMG chp 6 - christ like attributes and it was awesome! we focused on all the attributes and have been challenged to pick one a week to work on this first choice = patience. If you have some time....maybe pick one to work on this week or even for the month....just flip open to chp 6 and read a few and maybe have you and dad pick one...its really cool! 

Ok now for transfer news.....i AM NOT LEAVING!!!!!!!!! Sister harper and i are staying put in little ringgold which means i get to "kill" her! So excited BUT beyond that.....we are co-training a 3rd sister! We will go pick her up in farragut on wednesday and we will be a trio for 6 weeks til sis harper goes home! Oh man it is gonna be awesome! 3 of the 4 sister companionships in our zone will be in trios....missionary work is exploding and it is unreal.

 The work is still really slow and we cant contact anyone. it is just visits and member work. in reality i feel like a glorified visiting teacher, but i enjoy it all the same. Our less actives are just the sunshine to the day. Cristy and angela are really coming along and they are just so strong and trying their hardest. The best story i can tell you this week i just feeling the love of christ for those we teach and visit...its almost overwhelming. It is so strong and as i love them, i can feel his love for them. It is the most unreal thing i really cant describe.  

Caving with the zone
After caving

 From Sept 30th

we got k and a moved in.  We called half the ward and were really worried no one was gonna help move them cuz we got no for sures but we had like a dozen priesthood holders and two trucks so we got all the big stuff moved and quite a few boxes in 2 HOURS! oh my heck it was awesome. Even the new bishop came and helped. A told me she couldnt believe how many people showed up to help and you could tell K was amazed and truly grateful.  They are having a hard time adjusting going from a house to an apt but they are doing well.  It will really help them get back on their feet.  Their girls are also doing good.  they are both in soccer right now and LOVE it! they are just my favorite. We are always greeted with huge hugs every time we see them. As we taught last sunday they curled up between us and snuggled under their blankets as we taught. they are always wanting us to read scriptures and they sang us primary songs too! They are talking about the temple in class and they told us all about what they learned about it in primary....oh it is so awesome! 

From September 23

we did loads of service this week. we had a huge zone service project that took all day tuesday. his backyard would be your dream yard. he had this huge pond with this stream and founatin that was like 5 times as long as our little fountain into the was awesome. we did all weeding and it looked great AND more weeding. it is funny the very thing i hate is the very thing we do the most of ha. 

Georgia PEACHES!!!!!
Little bit of a run in with the poison ivy...or was this poison oak....hmmm
 um, oh i tried frog legs on sat! they taste like chicken but not as much taste. actually it is like a cross between fish and chicken.  pretty good they just needed more seasoning. i love trying these new crazy things down here. oh and poison ivy.....IHATE THIS STUFF! luckily i caught it soon enough so it wasnt HORRIBLE but it is still bad.....

Kristen with Bishop and Sis. Hunt

The last couple of things - Our former Bishop and his wife are serving in Kristen's mission, I received a picture from Elder and Sister Hunt last week with note letting me know that Kristen was doing great.

A day later Donna, who lives a couple of doors down from Kristen, sent me an email with a picture of her, Sister Harper and their new companion - Sister Messer from California.

Drop Kristen an email or send snail mail to her mission home address! I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!


  1. Keep posting about Sister Steiner too! I will get to know them this way! Love to hear what they are experiencing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love both the update and all the pictures!!!!