Friday, December 13, 2013

Sharing the "Book of Normen"

Kristen has been doing well, working hard with the members in and around Ringgold. She has truly come to love them! Here is a little experience with one of the young members in Ringgold and some pictures from the seminary teacher in Chattanooga and the Brainerd Ward Christmas party!

....they have a 9-yr old named "A". She and this friend at school read books together. They just finished a chapter book and it was "A"'s turn to pick the book for them to read together so she picked the Book of Mormon. 
So apparently her little friend text her the night before school and said,

"Dont forget to bring the Book of Normen tomorrow."

 SO CUTE! We died of cuteness when her Mom texted that to us.

 Sadly we asked "A" how it went yesterday at church and she said it was good, until her friend showed her grandma what book they were reading and her grandma took it from her and said she couldn't read it. "A" looked a little heart broken, but we told her she planted a seed and helped share the gospel and that is so awesome! She does more than I know most adults do!

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